530 Sunrise Drive
Bethel Heights, Arkansas

Population: 2,372
Senate District: 3 & 7
House District: 89 & 90
Congressional District: 3
Classification: Second Class City
City Fire Rating: 3
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The City of Bethel Heights has two Wastewater Treatment facilities, one located on Lincoln Street and one located on Oak Street. Both treatment facilities have open fields that are utilized to disperse treated sewer from the residents and businesses of Bethel Heights. The drip fields are not for public use or recreational activities. Please be advised that the fields have some surfacing of treated sewer as well as wildlife and geese droppings. Please stay off the drip fields.

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Wastewater Response to ADEQ NOV

  • City of Bethel Heights, AR
  • City of Bethel Heights, AR

From the Mayor - 8/21/2020

Pay Sewer Bill
Activities & Events
City Planning @ 7:00 pm
Closed/Columbus Day
City Court @ 9:00 am
City Court @ 9:00 am
Wastewater Committee @ 7:00 pm