530 Sunrise Drive
Bethel Heights, Arkansas

Population: 2,372
Senate District: 3 & 7
House District: 89 & 90
Congressional District: 3
Classification: Second Class City
City Fire Rating: 3
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The City of Bethel Heights has two Wastewater Treatment facilities, one located on Lincoln Street and one located on Oak Street. Both treatment facilities have open fields that are utilized to disperse treated sewer from the residents and businesses of Bethel Heights. The drip fields are not for public use or recreational activities. Please be advised that the fields have some surfacing of treated sewer as well as wildlife and geese droppings. Please stay off the drip fields.

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Wastewater Response to ADEQ NOV


Wastewater Explanation of Services

Attention: Bethel Heights Sewer Users

Re: Agreement/Explanation of Services

The City will be responsible for the following:

1. When the solids reach a level that they need to be removed (pumped) the city will, at no expense to the user, remove the solids.

2. Should the pump stop working, the city will replace or repair it at no expense to the user.

3. Should the panel (control/alarm) quit working; the city will replace/repair it at no expense to the user.

4. Should the biotube filter become plugged, the city will repair/replace it at no expense to the user.

5. Should the discharge line from the Initial Process Tank (IPT) become defective, the city will repair/replace this line at no expense to the user.

The user will be responsible for the following:

1. Ensure that nothing that cannot be eaten is discarded through the disposal or sinks and nothing other than toilet tissue is discarded through the restroom.

2. Any stoppages within the house/business including the inlet line to the (IPT).

3. Any broken tank lids and risers will be replaced by the homeowner.

4. Any abuse to the system will be repaired by the city and charged back to the user.

(a) Abuse to the system may include but is not limited to disposing/discharging into the system items such as eggshells, coffee grounds, cigarette butts, feminine products (including sanitary napkins and tampons), condoms, diapers, kitty litter, rags, floor wax, chemicals, motor oil (petroleum products), fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, etc.

5. ARKUPS will also locate the discharge line for you, so this is not broken while landscaping.

Call before you Dig! It’s the LAW! (1-800-482-8998)

The sewer rate or user fee is set by ordinance. Contact City Hall for the current sewer rates.

Make sure deposits are switched at the point of sale to avoid any confusion between the seller and buyer about the sewer bill and transfer of the deposit.